The family that owned this property also owned a construction company who began shaping the Glen Echo Swim Park. The original Barn (Quonset Hut) was erected in the late 1950s. The barn became a winter equipment storage building.


The Little Yankee Creek was dammed to reduced the flow, leaving a small, clean stream with enough water to create the five-acre lake we enjoy today. Hundreds of people flocked to Glen Echo Swim Park in the summers and spent the day with beach blankets, music and picnic baskets. The log cabin structure was built as a restroom, changing room, pavilion and later included a concession stand.


The property was sold and became LOR-EL Campground and was an instant success. The campground grew from a few initial sites, to over 112 sites with utilities. The Barn (Quonset Hut) became the new ‘in’ place, and three new open-air pavilions and a bath house was constructed. The lake was the attraction for local swimmers due to its barrel rollers, slides, diving platform and paddle boats.

Late 1980s

The owners, now in their senior years, sold the park to a friend and after five years of the friend’s ownership, the park became deplorable.


The park was auctioned off and was purchased by a family who lived across the street from the park. Believing that the property had great potential and with the strong commitment to the area they felt compelled to save the property. The park was under new ownership once again.

With a vision in place, buildings were repaired, roofs replaced, electric, septic and playgrounds were upgraded. Chestnut Ridge Campground had its grand opening in 1992. Over the next 25 years the owners committed to continued repairs and improvements making Chestnut Ridge Campground a beautiful, clean, peaceful place, enjoyed by families who return year after year.

Spring 2018

In the spring of 2018, the park once again exchanged hands. With a vision of our own, we also will continue to make Chestnut Ridge Campground a special place for generations to come.